Yellow Shed Pottery

Yellow Shed Pottery

I have been ‘potting’ for 20 years now, having trained through adult education classes and studying for the City & Guilds Diploma in Creative Techniques. My work is handbuilt; coiling into purpose-made moulds, using predominantly white earthenware clay.

For the past 3-4 years I have been working on a series of pieces inspired by the Korean Moon Jar. Rather than the pure white surface of these iconic vessels I have explored techniques which would give a more ‘lunar’ surface. I have used burnishing, terra sigillata and smoke firing and also have smoke fired pieces which have been fully and partially glazed, with spectacular results. I use blue and green glazes on the spherical pieces to give more of an ‘earth’ effect consequently calling these pieces ‘Earth Jars’: again smoke firing the pieces after the glaze firing. A recent development following a commission are pieces I am calling Earth Discs – discs of clay mounted vertically and decorated using the same methods as the spherical pieces.

Inspired by Japanese ceramics I have begun to build vessels , some tall, some not so tall, finishing them with handles I have made using cane and found twigs and small branches. I also ‘dabble’ in making teapots...

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