The Art of Beatriz Acevedo

We are all made of stories, stories that we are told, stories that we remembered, stories that we make while we live our lives. My name is Beatriz Acevedo and I love telling stories: I’ve worked as an educator and as an artist and I love painting because it is possible to tell many stories with images and colours. My mission is to connect stories and make visual stories for you to inspire you, comfort you and making you smile. Some of my paintings use watercolours to show the vibrancy of flowers and plants around us: did you know that even the most simple flower has a message to deliver? For instance, the flowers in our garden reveal a whole language and significance: dahlias for creativity; crocus for love; hyacinths for renaissance, anemones for friendship, and so on! I also make portraits of inspiring women and men who can tell us their story of courage, love and passion.

My art is all about daydreaming: our home is a place of magic; towns can be wonderlands; gardens are small universes and flowers are stars. Join me with your story and find more in my art.

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