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Originally trained as a graphic designer (lapsed! I work in education now) I have always had a love of painting, especially using mixed media and watercolours. I also have a rather quirky sense of humour which shows through especially with my glass animals. Whilst bored one day I found a 2 hour course on how to use a microwave kiln …..and got hooked. Within a couple of months I had invested in a larger kiln and have since experimented and taught myself to fuse glass. I work from my dining room table in Hertfordshire and my glass incorporates specialised glass paint, enamels, frits (crushed glass) and hand cut glass, all coming together to produce unique one off pieces. My inspiration comes from my friends who nag me to create and turn up on the doorstep for impromptu workshops, some very naughty geese I have been drawing for many years who have developed a life of their own, to walks in the countryside and trips to the coast, north Norfolk being the current favourite destination. A new range usually comes out if I’ve been on holiday!

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