Open your Stormfauna shopwindow and watch your business

Apply HereOpen your Stormfauna shopwindow and watch your business... fly   Stormfauna are uk designers, we have successfully brought to market our own products. Our e-shop aims to re-engage people with the material world around them and create an online emporium producing a unique lifestyle gallery. Full of beautiful and original pieces that you might find tucked away in a studio gallery or stumble across in a unique boutique.Stormfauna is a flagship for UK design led products promoting a successful online creative hotbed and platform for designers, makers and artists products and help increase your profit whilst you are developing your creativity.All the designer-makers and artists, products shown on our website, have been hand selected by us. Chosen for their unique style and craftsmanship and commitment to delivering excellent customer service and products. Is there something special about your work?....Stormfauna are looking for your unique talent!Do you produce Original Art, Ceramics, Handcrafted Homeware, Food. Gifts, Accessories, Seasonal Decorations and /or Run Creative Workshops? Can you deliver innovative pieces at affordable prices?Stormfauna’s key concern is that “our” customers will love your work, and have a great shopping experience and will spread the word and shop some more! Customers who shop on line with Stormfauna are putting their faith in “our” ability to fulfill orders on time and to a high standard. By becoming a Stormfauna partner you agree to produce and deliver goods to a consistently high standard.

  • You will benefit from our established brand presence
  • You will have your very own shop window within the Stormfauna emporium to grow your own business
  • Advertising, support marketing
  • E-commerce and social media
  • Special feature promotions on artists and designer makers and your products
  • Press and exhibitions and catalogues
  • Shoppers newsletters and emails
  • Trade discounts deals
  • Our special DMA hand book with a wealth of business opportunities and IP support
  • Special DMA only trade discounts
  • Upload up to 20 products and more at our discretion to enable you to grow
  • Promote your style and logo
  • Vacation facility
  • Ongoing Stormfauna dedicated support
  • Benefit from Stormfauna's expertise