Ruth Makes Jewellery

Ruth Makes Jewellery

My jewellery making life began in 2008 when my partner Jeremy and I attended Silver Clay workshops. The creation of beautiful 99% pure silver inspired my organic style of telling a story through jewellery. Incorporating beads and then gemstones expanded the range of styles, but I felt drawn to sterling silver.

At this point in March 2012 I launched my Ruth Makes Jewellery website and Jeremy soon became involved in the creative process. We are constantly learning and progressing our skills and I truly feel we have found our niche. All our jewellery is individually hand crafted using hand held jewellery saws and tools, so no two items will ever be quite the same. Wherever possible we use recycled silver, Ecosilver, in sheet and wire form. Our work is then hallmarked at the Birmingham Assay Office where we each hold our individual sponsor mark: RS and JC.

Reflected in our jewellery is the inspiration we take from all around us be it our crazy cats, the countryside we live in with its magnificent trees, the fabulous wildlife and birds in the garden and fields or our intrigue with things mystical and symbolic which latterly has included musical symbols. Our collections aim to capture and share those special moments in life.

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