Linda Lines

Linda Lines

I am a contemporary mixed media artist and ceramicist. I was born on the outskirts of London and now live and work in Hampshire. Ever since I was a little girl I have been absolutely passionate about all things arty. My art is derived from the interactivity of light that nature and mankind have on the environment, together with the texture and the medium that I choose to work with.. I work in a combination of media – I use oil paint to establish a base for my canvases. This is then enhanced with layers of pastels and other natural media that I have found, and sometimes paint directly from the tube to produce the free feeling within the structure of a unique piece of art. Although my canvases are based on the inspiration that I have found from the world around me, I want them all to whisper a memory to people for them to identify and to form a familiarity with. Some of my ceramics are hand thrown and some are hand built works that I fire in a gas kiln to enhance my glaze effects. I strive to produce canvasses and ceramics that look like they have just been washed up by the sea or bleached by the sun, sometimes stretching the mediums to their limits.

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