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Laura 2: inspired by the little known, fantastical novel Laura: A Journey Into The Crystal (George Sand, 1864).

Laura 2

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Current ongoing project inspired the little known, fantastical novel Laura: A Journey Into The Crystal (George Sand, 1864). The story is set within a glittering world of geodes and crystals hidden within the centre of our Earth and addresses issues of idolatry, obsession and impossibility. The created installations and sculptures mirror these themes providing a visual feast of beauty, illusion and compulsion.

The concept of The Crystal World is a meditation on our inner worlds, our personal cosmologies with all their beautiful delusions. It reflects the striving of our imaginations to extend and distort reality, to create something new and miraculous. We seek out the grandiose, the curious, the intoxicating elements of the spectacle. “Man is a child indeed. The study and examination of nature are not enough for him”

The Crystal World offers a pull away from reality and herein lies the darkness in its beauty. The question is raised over the legitimacy of the salvation offered by our objects of veneration. In our desire to transcend the ordinary do we move towards or away from Truth?

My creative studio is based in Hampshire
Made in the United Kingdom
Created by Chantal Powell
Materials Used Reclaimed mannequin, chipboard, bamboo, metallic paint, wire.
Returns Policy Dependant on item
Width 60cm
Height 200cm
Depth 100cm
Time frame to create and dispatch available
Instructions for use Chantal will install
Sustainable Materials Used no
Can product be recycled yes
Who's it for Art Fanatic
Dependant on item