Jan Griffiths Ceramics

Based in a tranquil rural location in Hampshire close to the sea has been inspirational in my practice and design. The way the waves wash over the pebbles and sand leaving negative pattern, reflections in moving water, boats bobbing on the sea, breeze drifting over meadows, trees against the skyline continuously inspire me.

I have been working with clay for more than 20 years starting in adult education, but mainly self taught. My work largely involves using a 'Raku' process of firing , a techniques evolving in japan. The pieces have a second firing in an outdoor kiln heated to 1000 degrees centigrade and whilst still glowing red hot removed individually with long metal tongs and placed in a container with combustible materials such as leaves and sawdust. Once cleaned the finished pieces have a characteristic lustrous or crackled surface where glazed and smoky black where not. Each item is individually made and no two identical. Raku work remains porous and is suitable for decorative use only and should be displayed away from direct sunlight to maintain its intensity.

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