Four Legged Fancies

’Wacky treats for waggy tails’. Natural, wheat-free, handmade treats for dogs with a fun twist!

In the dog world there are tons of unique and fun toys and clothes for dogs but in the area of snacks and treats the products are really dull and actually pretty unhealthy. A lot of manufactured dog treats contain nasties such as colours, additives, preservatives and high levels of sugar and salt, all of which are unnecessary and can potentially be harmful to your dog.

I designed my range of treats to not only be wheat free and contain only healthy ingredients but there are none of the nasties that are found in most manufactures pet foods. I also wanted my treats to be fun for owners to look at and enjoy and my range will hopefully have you chuckling with products such as ‘Chicken shaped Labradors’ or ‘Lamb Terriers’.

I hope you have as much fun shopping for treats as I do making them, so welcome to the mad little world of ‘Four Legged Fancies’

My Collection

  1. Beefy Bones
  2. Piggy Liver Pretzels
  3. Turkey Plaits
  4. Lamb Terriers
  5. Chicken Labradors
  6. Gluten free paws
  7. Chicken Chicks
  8. Beef crunchers
  9. Chessy Bones
  10. Peanut butter marbles

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