Wire Wood

The trees are handmade from single strand wires that run from the roots to the leaves. No glue, solder or other means are used to hold them together; it is purely down to the way the strands are twisted. The beauty of this art is that no two sculptures are the same. There may be similarity of style between pieces, material used, or type of tree being represented, but the way they are made means that every sculpture will be unique.

As a child and growing up I have always had a fascination and love trees. I come from a village in Nottinghamshire called Edwinstowe which is the home to the famous Robin Hood tree called The Major Oak which is hundreds of years old and I played inside the tree as a child. I love to find out how things work, I have made numerous things during my lifetime including a cross bow, a sword, metal detector, go cart, electric violins soft toys and the list goes on. As I work with wire as an electrician, I decided to have a go at making trees using aluminum alloy and I just loved the result and since then have carried on making them.

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