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Stormfauna are always trying to recommend and champion UK resources.  We want to connect you to our Designer Makers & Artists & Departmentstore customers.. we want to offer your courses and workshops as pressies! 

We can Advertise your creative organisation or business tell us.....whats going on in your Creative lives

We are nosy we want to help you spread the news about your courses, workshops, jobs & opportunities. we can also offer you a shopwindow to sell your creative supplies and materials and workshops or courses.

If you are running an event, or a fabulous arty day out that our customers could attend or our dma’s could be present at… then maybe we can help you to reach new art enthusiasts!

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    If you are interested in being a creative supplies seller i.e do you sell creative materials, business stationary or have a workshop or studio space for rent you can have a shop on stormfauna website. Please tick the category you are interested and we will be in touch to tell you how you can have a creative supplies shop membership

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