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about us and the big idea!


the commitment

Stormfauna are committed to finding that very special gift or treat for you or someone else. Stormfauna offers something for every taste that is guaranteed to be unique. An online emporium, a lifestyle gallery of unique and personalised gifts and a collection of original art.  Full of beautiful and original pieces that you might find tucked away in a studio gallery or stumble across in a unique boutique.  Stormfauna is a flagship for design led products promoting a successful online creative hotbed and platform for designer-makers and artists products from within the uk. "Become a Stormfauna partner and watch your business fly”

the big idea!

Linda & Zara are British Designers together they have designed and brought to market several unique products and have worked closely with trusted key UK manufactuers.  They are crazy about new design, art and traditional crafts. They appreciate the hard work, talent and determination and the confidence it takes to produce and sell your own products to a manufacturer, retail shops or the general public.  They have together designed and manufactured their own products so they have first hand knowledge of how to get creative works from an idea to reality.

Back in 2009 when the economic climate was on a down turn and it was becoming more and more difficult to be a designer and keep a strong brand presence.  Many UK manufactures have had to use existing products sourced from the Far East making it nearly impossible for British designers to compete with the prices.  Retail department stores more often  than not will make a high mark up on products to cover their high overheads and so by the time the products made it onto the shelf they would be too expensive for the customer or if designers and makers took less for the products they would be eating bake beans for tea! They found that on the whole Art Gallery’s  would ask for anything from 60 - 40 split of the selling price to them to hang paintings or display pots. Even small local fayres and country markets seem to take advantage of the Artists and designer makers with high fees for pitches. Websites took extortionate membership costs with little in return and there was no help if things went wrong. So gradually things started to stay in boxes…what’s the point in that how is anyone going to change the wheel if we all do that?

Linda and Zara love all aspects of art and product design and felt that there must be an avenue to have a successful presence within the consumer market place. What they needed was somewhere that would offer a good foot fall to test the market place. In 2011 they decided to design and make some small manageable items and took them to sell at the National Wedding Show to test the market for themselves. The products sold out and they ended up having to take orders. Customers were asking if there was a website that they could order and buy directly from. Linda and Zara were very inspired by this.

Then came the big idea! To use the Stormfauna brand name and to create a website giving customers an online department store with a difference together with a platform for designers and artists to promote their works “Everything  produced in the UK” to put together inspiring ranges, forecast latest trends that customers will just want to put in there home & garden, or use to wow wedding guests on the big day with beautiful decorations or simply send an unusual personalised card to cheer someone up. And most importantly by creating a community of UK Artists and Makers reach millions together with an avenue to sell yet extinguish extortionate costs.

Linda and Zara have built a community department store full of lovely products that are for sale, where they can be proud to know that they have helped the customer get the most gorgeous yummy up to date products they just must have.  But most importantly give Designer Makers and Artists a fair entry to the consumer market place together with access to the Stormfauna DMA UK Handbook which has an important  stash of resources and opportunities.